Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Get out in the rain and look at your gutters and see where they are coming out to. Make sure they are at least 18" from the foundation so water does not pool. You don't want standing water at the base of your house. This means you have poor drainage. You may need to address the need for a french drain or swale around your house.
A french drain is underground and catches the surface water as it seeps into the ground and usually redirects it into the street. The small ditch surrounds the house and is insulated with a geotextile fabric that filters the water though while keeping dirt out.
A swale can also redirect water. Resembling a moat, the swale is dug around the house in order to re-contour the lot and provide natural drainage without all the underground pipes.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Knowledge is key

Homeowners should be aware of what their home needs and how often it needs it. No two houses are alike. What works for one home might not work for another, even right next door.

We caution owners that certain sides of the house may need more or different care than the other side. The south and west sides of the houses are the ones that catch all the heat and dryness of the summer sun. They may need more water than the other sides. Look at your house every week and learn what to do and when.

Failure to keep the clay at the proper moisture content (but not too wet) can be costly to the consumer. The problem can be easily solved by adding water to the yard, and therefor clay base. Water until the dirt just underneath the surface feels damp but not too wet or muddy. That's all it takes for the clay to expand. You don't want the water to puddle.